Terms and Conditions

All of our packages are month to month and can be cancelled at any time by either party – we believe in our products that is why we can offer a 1 month cancellation policy.

Support Packages

All support packages will be on debit order unless discussed otherwise. This is lessen the administrative burden on our billing department and thereby pass on the cost savings to our customers.

Our Support Packages comes inclusive with Remote Assistance Software. The software scans the network and automatically adds computers and servers for monitoring and management to the dashboard. All devices will automatically be monitored, although exclusions can be made in valid scenarios.

Customized quotes available on request, as we understand not every environment is the same.

Server Maintenance Packages

Any hardware not internally connected to the server motherboard is not by default included in the remote support agreement. The client may confirm with us if we support the device, as often even if the device is not included, we may in fact choose to support it.

Advanced IT Support and Management for firewall and network related equipment is available upon request and not included in the unlimited remote support package.

To prevent abuse of Server Support packages, should any of your servers be running multiple Virtual Machines please advise us of the fact.

The low cost “Documents Only” Backup Software included with certain Workstation packages backs up only the most popular document formats which include PDF’s, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Please request a complete list if you have any concerns.

Please notify us if you have a specific requirements, such as backing up Pastel or QuickBooks or any other specific software.

To save clients’ money, usage is pooled and each Workstation and Server adds an additional 100 GB and 500 GB to the pool respectively. Backup over usage charged at R1.20 per GB