SYSADMIN Data Preservation and Disaster Recovery is a business-to-business solution that ensures continuity for your business even through the most trying of times. We believe in managing your business as we would our own, by effectively streamlining IT so that our clients can spend more time focusing on their business.

At the centre of any business, today is the preservation of data. By employing enterprise-grade storage solutions, and tailoring them to small and medium business environments, we provide world-class data protection without the high costs usually associated with enterprise storage.

We mitigate risk by ensuring our clients are well informed as to their storage environment.

Desktop and Laptop Computers
Desktop & Laptop Computers
Onsite Server
Onsite Server
Secure Internet Connection
Secure Internet Connection
Offsite Data Centre
Offsite Data Centre

Our data backup solution is a monthly all-inclusive (absolutely no hidden costs!) that strategically includes a preservation component to shield clients against factors and risks contributing towards data loss, such as malware, ransomware and long term data storage degradation.

We are not reselling a off-the-shelf re-branded product, but instead have invested years of time and money into the research, testing, building and deploying the best storage technologies.

Our solution's underlying technology is state of the art, secure and most impressive of all, it's massively scalable.

Data Preservation Features

Immune to Windows malware, spyware and viruses.

Immune to ransomware threats.

Instant recovery of lost data.

Multiple redundancies on hardware provided.

Detects and repairs long term data loss caused by Silent Data Corruption.

Secure data encryption.

Only accessible to those with approved access.

Integrates into a Tier 4 IT disaster recovery plan environment.

Unlimited data retention and unlimited versions.

All data stored within South Africa borders.

Selection of additional local and overseas data centres (optional).

Complete end to end managed solution.

How do we save you money

No hidden installation fees.

No after sales, hourly or after hours support fees.

No hardware or software purchase required.

No per user or per seat charges.

No virtual machine or per CPU limitations.

No data recovery costs.

No cancellation fees.

No costs for extracting data from our service.

Fully managed solution.

All-inclusive monthly service.



How do I get started?

Give us a call or drop us an email. If you rather prefer to not talk “geek”, get your IT liaison to give us a call or message us on our contact page.